Minerals Coordinating Committee

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The Minerals Coordinating Committee (MCC) is responsible for the management and coordination of Minnesota's Mineral Diversification Program Projects.

The Mineral Diversification Program was created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1987, "To provide for the diversification of the State's mineral economy through long term support of mineral exploration, development, production, and commercialization". 

MCC News and Updates

February 27, 2014: Several maps and poster panels have been updated regarding the status and development of Iron Mining and Metallic Minerals Exploration in Minnesota. Updated maps and poster panels are located on the MCC Maps webpage.

The MCC is a multi-agency committee made up of the following individuals and agencies:

The MCC assists in sponsoring projects that reflect the core objectives of the mineral diversification program. The sponsored projects reflect the statewide benefit of mineral diversification. From sand and gravel to clay, from exploration for gold to taconite processing, virtually every region of the state is enriched by the minerals industry and all share in the use of its products. Of course, a great part of Minnesota's famous quality of life includes environmental health; therefore, the program also gives priority to research that aims to control potentially harmful impacts and enhance post-mining restoration.

The Mineral Diversification Program is well managed and highly successful, a tribute to close cooperation between the state, the University of Minnesota, federal agencies, and the minerals industry. The program's innovative approach to technology has helped keep Minnesota iron and taconite competitive. Research and data collection have helped to make Minnesota an attractive place for mineral exploration and has opened the door to new markets.

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Minerals Coordinating Committee News and Project Updates

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