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Doing Business in Minnesota

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Business Assistance
Foreign Direct Investment
Business Registration
Minerals Tax Information
Leasing State-owned Mineral Rights
Exploration Drilling
Environmental Permitting
Mine Permitting
Geoscience Information
New Mineral Exploration Information
Historic Mineral Exploration Information
Natural Resources Research Institute

Business Assistance

The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) has supported some of the advanced stage mineral development projects through its economic development program.
IRRRB Business Assistance Programs »

Matt Sjoberg, Business Development
Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board
(877) 829-3936

Foreign Direct Investment

Minnesota is a great business investment destination for foreign capital. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development's Office of Foreign Direct Investment is available to help foreign companies explore the advantages of expanding or relocating in Minnesota.
Office of Foreign Direct Investment »

Laurence Reszetar, Director of Foreign Direct Investment
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
(651) 259-7488

Business Registration

The Minnesota Secretary of State's Office provides information about doing business in Minnesota. DEED's Minnesota Business First Stop streamlines the development process for business expansions and relocations that involve financing, licensing, permitting and regulatory issues that overlap multiple state agencies.
Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State »

Business Services Counter
Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State
(651) 296-2803

Minerals Tax Information

The Minnesota Department of Revenue, Minerals Tax Office provides information about all mining-related taxes paid by the mining industry.
Office of the Department of Revenue, Minerals Tax Information »
2015 Minnesota Mining Tax Guide »

Bob Wagstrom, Engineering Specialist
Minnesota Department of Revenue - Minerals Tax Office
(218) 744-7420

Leasing State-owned Mineral Rights

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources administers more than 12 million acres of state-owned mineral rights. Contact Susan Damon to register and to obtain a list of state mineral rights continuously available through application for nonferrous metallic mineral leasing.
Metallic Mineral Lease Sale »
Lease form »

Susan Damon, Assistant Director, Lands & Minerals
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Lands and Minerals Division
(651) 259-5961

Exploration Drilling

In Minnesota, there is a license requirement for the drilling company and a qualification requirement for any geologist who supervises exploration drilling. Contact the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) for complete information on exploration rules and the DNR registration requirements contact the DNR.
MDH Explorer and Exploratory Borings Webpage »

Glenn Melchert - Explorer Registration
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Lands and Minerals Division
(218) 231-8464

Kara Dennis
Minnesota Department of Health, Well Management Section
(651) 201-4589

Environmental Permitting

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is the state agency responsible for issuing environmental permits including air, water and waste permits.
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency »

Suzanne Baumann, Supervisor, Metallic Mining Sector
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
(651) 757-2798

Mine Permitting

The MNDNR administers mineland reclamation and permitting for active taconite mines and permitting for nonferrous metallic minerals.
Minnesota DNR Permitting and Mineland Reclamation »

Joe Henderson, Division Director, Lands & Minerals
Minnesota DNR Mine Permitting and Coordination
(651) 259-5428

Geoscience Information

The Minnesota Geological Survey provides geological maps, the state aeromagnetic survey, mineral resource studies, and much more.
Minnesota Geological Survey »

Harvey Thorleifson, Director
Minnesota Geological Survey
(612) 626-2150

New Mineral Exploration Information

MnDNR geologists undertake new geological and geochemical surveys that supplement historical mineral exploration data on state-managed mineral rights. The Minerals, Metallurgy & Mining Initiative at the NRRI is an academic center for ferrous and nonferrous mineral resource characterizations.
DNR Mineral Potential Evaluations »
NRRI Minerals, Metallurgy, and Mining Initiative »

Don Elsenheimer, Geologist
Minnesota DNR
(651) 259-5433

George Hudak, Director
Natural Resources Research Institute
(218) 788-2739

Historic Mineral Exploration Information

Minnesota has on-line document archives, GIS data and interactive web maps that provide access to data from more than 100 years of mineral exploration. A modern drill core facility provides public access to more than 3 million feet of drill cores, most of which are available for analysis.
DNR GIS Data, Web Maps, and Minerals Data Archive »
Drill Core Library »

James Olson, GIS Analyst
Minnesota DNR
(651) 231-5429

Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI)

NRRI solves industry challenges, identifies unique market niches and provides technical innovation.
NRRI Minerals, Metallurgy & Mining »

George Hudak, Director
NRRI Minerals, Metallurgy & Mining
(218) 788-2739


MnDRIVE offers research-based solutions to Minnesota's environmental challenges, in support of sustainable economic growth across the state.
MnDRIVE Environment »

Jeff Standish, Industry & Government Liaison
MnDRIVE Environment – Advancing Industry, Conserving our Environment

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